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Positive Paws

K-9 Angels

Dogs need a 



Bring purpose to

your dog’s life.

Service Dog Training

PPK9 Angels Service Dog Program is different than any other program. Why? Because you are involved in the training from start to finish, whether it is your own canine friend or a dog that is matched to you and your specific needs.

Emotional Support Dog

PPK9 ESA Program will help you train your companion for in home comfort.  

Therapy Dog Training

Positive Paws Therapy Dog Teams provide psyc​hological therapy to individuals all around Augusta County and surrounding areas, visiting hospitals, libraries, schools, adult daycare, assisted living facilities, and more.


A socialized dog is a good dog and a better canine in the community. Socialization is strongly encouraged to our working dogs to reinforce their training. It is better than doggie daycare!