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Positive Paws

K-9 Angels

From paw to tail

We'​ve got you Covered

Making A Difference

For people with different abilities and their canine friend

About us

It all started with three friends, two dog trainers, Stacey Payne and Sharon Penny and a family Physician Katy Lopez, who are more like sisters. They had a dream of helping those less fortunate, those who have different abilities, and those who struggle navigating through life on their own. Their goal was to create a program that would encourage them to be their very best, not allowing those disabilities to stop them.

The three knew they could help out by training and providing service dogs for those who had different abilities, but they did not want to stop there. They saw first hand how these dogs change lives for them and others who were around them. So they created a program where these individuals could come and volunteer or be hired, giving them a sense of accomplishment and leading them to be more active and successful members in their communities.

With help from the community, we were blessed with fencing, paint, a new facility, handicap accessible equipment, and charitable donations the dream quickly became reality.

Covid Compliant

During these uncertain times we realize the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. We take pride on keeping our facility clean and sanitized during the covid pandemic. All staff are masked and remain 6 ft away from one another. we make our classes smaller than normal to keep everyone safe.

We take no chances, If one of our staff members are sick, they do NOT work until a negative covid test is performed and results come back.

We are not your typical training facility. We focus not only on the well-being of dogs, but we ​b​ring out the best of the humans as well. Every person is fully involved and responsible for the training of their dog from day one; this is true for all of our programs. We believe that if the human is involved I​n the training, the bond with their dog will be unbreakable.

We use only positive reinforcement and choice teaching methods to obtain our training goals. 

The dogs that are in our Service Dog Program are from local recues, shelters, reputable breeders and sometimes can actually be the owners own dog, if qualified.

 They all endure hours upon hours of training until they are tested and graduated, but it does not stop there.

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PPK9A is well recognized in the community through great Therapy Dog Teams. Our teams volunteer at different facilities such as schools, healthcare facilities, jail, and court system to mention a few. But PPK9A also works with local shelters and rescues; we help these dogs become model canine citizens, making it easier to find their fur-ever home. ​

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Community Outreach

We encourage our community to be an active participant either through volunteering within the facility, out in the community with their therapy dogs, or through donations. Currently, we are working at no charge with Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge, also a non-profit; we assist them in training some of their dogs that need a little specialty training, giving them a better chance of being adopted and not returned to the shelter. 

PPK9A does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, family/parental status, income derived from a public assistance program, or political beliefs.